A bear has been detected a few times over the most recent a few days in East Hill.

Various Vernon inhabitants have seen the bear close Mutrie Dog Park, Silver Star Elementary and Hillview Golf Course.

“He’s pretty much nothing, he’s not large,” remarked one onlooker, who got a video of the bear Thursday.

“We’ve had sightings of a fluffy companion in Mutrie Dog Park! If you don’t mind use alert while around there,” the Regional District of North Okanagan states. “On the off chance that a bear is spotted contact the Conservation Office at 1-877-952-7277 to document a report.”

Bears have additionally been seen in Armstrong.

Albeit many figure the bears ought to be resting, it’s not irregular to see them out in the winter.

“As opposed to mainstream thinking bears are false hibernators like ground squirrels and so on.,” said Dean Trumbley, of Kamloops, an open air devotee, tracker and host of Bushnell’s Trigger Effect. “It isn’t unprecedented for bears to wake up, move around and even take little walk-abouts. So this isn’t an abnormality.”

Protection Officer Tanner Beck includes: “Ideally the bear comes back to its sanctum once the temperatures chill off.”

There have been no detailed clashes with the bear, however Beck reminds occupants to ensure there are no accessible attractants on their property that could draw in a bear.